North Sydney Smallbore & Air Rifle Club Inc. is a 50m Target Rifle shooting club, on the Hornsby Rifle Range, Sydney, Australia.

Small bore rifle shooting has a long competitive history. It is one of the oldest of the modern Olympic sports, it is included in the Commonwealth Games and in the World Championships, conducted by the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF).

Within Australia, there are State and National championships. Small bore shooting is usually featured in the Masters Games program. At the elite level separate events are conducted for men and for women, but at club level competition is completely open and men and women compete against each other.


All small bore rifle shooting at our club is carried out over a distance of 50 metres

At present, the most popular small bore rifle disciplines currently being shot at our range are prone and benchrest although other small bore rifle disciplines are able to be accommodated if they are permitted under the conditions of our range licence.

In addition to small bore rifle events, we accommodate approved Air Rifle disciplines including ISSF 10m and Air Rifle Metallic Silhouette practice in .177 and .22 Calibre.

As with all forms of target shooting, the safety rules are strictly enforced and our number 1 priority.

Rifles Used

The small bore target rifle weighs about 5 kg and is a single shot, bolt action rifle firing subsonic .22 calibre cartridges. We also use ISSF target air rifles (6ft lbs energy) and Field target air rifles (12ft lbs energy) in .177 caliber.

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